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Perth's specialists in smooth property Transfers anywhere within our beautiful State of Western Australia

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Synergy Settlements in Perth is an independent Settlement and Conveyancing agency, dedicated to working with you to ensure smooth and timely property Transfers. We prepare all relevant paperwork and documentation, review your Contracts, ensure relevant checks and inquiries are made and liaise with all parties including, but not limited to; your lender, finance broker, Government departments and Councils.

The property Transfer process starts from the time the Offer & Acceptance Contract is signed and accepted and continues through to money changing hands, but in many cases continuing for a while after the Settlement. At Synergy Settlements we’ll provide you with regular updates on the status of your Settlement, chase your Bank etc,  leaving you to concentrate on everything involved with moving home.

Your options

When buying and selling property anywhere within Western Australia, it is crucial to ensure all legal aspects of your sale or purchase are responsibly managed. It is your legal right to nominate an independent Settlement agent of your own choosing, one you feel you can trust with your property Transfers and one who will help you to move forward as efficiently as possible.

Here at Synergy Settlements we feel it is important to point out the significant potential for conflicts of interest to arise should your Real Estate Agent and Settlement agent have a financial or business affiliation. Of course the better Real Estate agents would generally recommend an independent Conveyancer based purely on expertise, efficiency and reliability. 

Legally you may complete the requisite Settlement procedures yourself, but we should make you aware there are potential pitfalls in completing this complex process yourself, in addition to the time involved, penalties for non-performance & non-compliance etc. It's also a help if you have access to relevant industry resources, Govt databases & Govt agencies + the possession of a thorough knowledge of all aspects involved in the Conveyancing process. 

Efficient Settlement specialists

As well as helping you with all types of Residential, Commercial/Industrial, Farming & Rural property Transfers, Synergy Settlements also provide a prompt, efficient and cost effective solution in the following specialist areas:

  • Family court ordered Transfers pursuant to Consent orders.
  • Related Party Transfer
  • Survivorship applications
  • Transmission applications pursuant to Probate/Letters of Administration
  • Change of name applications
  • Lost Title Applications
  • LandGate searches & Document Lodgements
  • State Revenue lodgements and Stamping of documents
  • Subdivisions, Dispositions, Registrations etc
  • Application to Register Strata Plan, Build Strata Plan, Survey Strata Plan. 
  • ASIC searches

When you choose to work  with Synergy Settlements, you can be confident that we're as independent as you and you will always remain our number one priority.

For professional advice about successful property Transfers
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